Service Details

We have Premium skilled Technical team For Coffee machine Maintenance.

REGULAR CHECK: Technician will visit once a month for the normal check-up of the entire machine installed. Any preventive measures to be taken will be advised during the visit. Any other urgent service and repair need to be carried out during those visits will be provided without any delay. All the repairs will be prior permission of the Clients. Service report will be provided by STHS after checking all the required parameters with advice on the condition of the machine.

EMERGENCY VISIT: We will provide 24/7 services for the Clients with the response time of 3-4 hours. The faulty equipment will be inspected and repaired on the site. 

SPARE PARTS: All the spares of the Coffee Machine to be replaced will be charged by the STHS. The replacement of spares will be notified and quotation will be sent for the approval of the Client. The spare parts will be replaced only after approval of the quotation sent by STHS and after the receipt of the LPO by the Customer. In case of emergency, a written confirmation is required to proceed with the replacement of the spares before the receipt of the LPO from the Clients.

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